Whether it's a Will, a Bankruptcy or a Real Estate closing, your legal matter is important to you.  Accordingly, you deserve a law firm that understands and responds to your needs.  The Law Office of Jennifer M. Kurtz provides the type of individualized legal services you deserve.   

Personalized Legal Services:  Every client's situation is unique.  A good solution for one client may not work for another.  Thus, Jen Kurtz will listen to your concerns, carefully consider the relevant facts and circumstances and work with you to determine what course of action is best for you.

Flexibility:  For many clients it is difficult or impossible to meet during regular business hours.  To accommodate clients who cannot meet during the workday, the Law Office of Jennifer M. Kurtz offers evening and weekend appointments.

Responsiveness:  When you are dealing with an important legal matter, questions and issues may arise at any time.  Accordingly, your attorney should be available to address those questions and issues.  All clients of the firm deal with Jen directly, and she promptly responds to all client voicemails and emails.

Timely Information:  It is important that you understand the issues involved in your legal matter and the work your attorney is performing on your behalf.  Jen takes the time to thoroughly explain all relevant issues to clients and always keeps clients informed about developments in their matters. 

The Law Office of Jennifer M. Kurtz            823 West Park Avenue, #235                    Ocean, NJ 07712

Phone:  732.390.5262                              Fax:  732.390.2162                                  Email:  info@kurtz-law.com

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